Lime Wharf’s Kitchen Experiment

The creative collaboration space for old meeting new ideas/technology etc.. called Lime Wharf  hosted The Kitchen Experiment in March with The Mobile Pantry providing the exquisite grub between foodie talks, an interactive art installation and non-classical music.

The digital art installations and scores played (feat. some exclusives!) by non-classical chellists were the additional sparkles to the shining sit down part of the evening. We sat down to eat around a table designed by architect called Alex Haw (Atmos) that had the skeletal contours of land imitating the curves of a woman’s figure (sorry I don’t have pictures to explain this oddity but know that it worked and was as unusually thrilling as the rest of the evening). The food was just a bit too wildly perfect, combining such a flare of flavours you are likely to have never tried before. To give you an idea – Roast Pandan Leaf wrapped Kohlrabi, coconut and tamarind sambal, Yuzu and wasabi tapioca with wild rice crisps… OR Wattle seed dusted briq, Jerusalem artichoke, oyster mushrooms and wild garlic, fermented black garlic and beetroot dressing – need I say anymore? I admit I had no idea what I was eating half the time unless I looked at the menu, but it seemed nothing was out of place in this unusual mesh of flavours and textures for your palates wonder.

The sensory overload slightly overtook the importance of the talks in between courses. First we had a talk by Mike Faulkner who did a thesis called Global Food Superhighways – exploring the connection between Food and Cities. A quote from Carolyn Steel’s Hungry City set the tone for the evening, “Once you start to see the world through food, everything changes. Seemingly unconnected things turn out to be closely linked: apparently confusing relationships spring into relief.” This was the inspiration for Mike’s Endless Cities film project observing how modern food production has damaged the balance of human existence, creating issues such as – food deserts, obesity and food miles.

Then over some salvaged and deliciously smoked mushrooms we heard about Tristram Stuart’s Feeding the 5K campaign and his latest initiative to re-direct a lot of the ends of bread loaves to pig feed, as well as the success of their already established Gleaning Volunteer Network which harvests imperfect looking produce off farms, providing thousands of meals for charity.

The evening was a spectacular marathon of delights and I look forward to seeing what Lime Wharf has to offer for the rest of the year. Expect events along the themes of measuring happiness, heritage farming, human/machine interfaces and canal regeneration.


The International Food and Drink Event 2013

The IFE (The International Food and Drink Event) was an overwhelming pick and mix affair that left me feeling very sick by the end of the day from all the sampling and schmoozing, that inevitably goes on at such events.

INVO Coconut Water Pure Every other stall in the fruit juice section seemed to be a new coconut water brand (Go CoCo, Chi, Dr Antonio Martin’s Coco Juice) hoping to contend with the well established Vita Coco monopolising UK sales.  For a few years while I was living in California I could have the real deal as a perfect hangover cure – a freshly cracked-open young green coconut from the co-op nearby.  Since then I’ve never found a bottled version that tastes as refreshing, until I come across INVO. The only coconut drink company I know about that doesn’t pasteurize its coconut water with heat but uses water and a pressurized process instead. This method is more expensive and therefore avoided by companies, at the cost of the “I am sitting on a beach under a palm tree where I found this coconut” taste. 50gBoxesx2

Other personal highlights were trying Frank Boltman‘s new original flapjack (using good wholesome ingredients that we should all recognise) and surprisingly Salty Dog‘s new range of gluten-free crisps!  This sister company range is called Darling Spuds with unique combination’s such as Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican chilli,  West country cheddar, leek and pink peppercorns and a personal favourite – the Sun ripened tomoto, green olive and oregano. Just as tasty as regular crisps and 20% lower in fat!
Dar Spud group RGB