Give in to eventually – being nobody and going nowhere

There is a lot to be said about waking up and lot to be said for staying asleep. I am hopeful of the former while remaining in the latter – so I have been told.

“You are asleep.”

“Really? I am blinking, talking, responding, perhaps too vaguely for your liking. Surely I am just removed, a bit distracted.”

“No you are asleep.”

“Well how do I wake up?”

“You can’t do anything. Have you tried that before?”

“Well sort of, I think, but it is quite hard to literally do nothing. Do you mean just let go?”

“Don’t even try to do that, just stop trying, sort of give in.”

“I think I know that sensation, almost like falling down the well….But when I get down there it is sort of messy and I start floundering around.”

“Well just learn to flounder if you like. Think of it like a slide. You are just sliding and slipping down the well.”

“That is all then. You say it is hard work but really I just have to let go…”

I remember a friend telling me he wanted to become enlightened. I guffawed at the idea, not being one of my top priorities. I thought sitting and meditating on a rock sounded like a boring way to spend your time as a human being. I told him I thought this state of awareness was not something that could be learned or studied but was a knowing gained through life experience. This was the trajectory I was on at the time. Now I see that wading through the drama and performance of life, was only building my appetite for a place that can respond peacefully to the mess and chaos we often create between one another – growing in awareness through freeing yourself from fears to act from an open loving place is a constant process but worth embarking upon I believe if we want to see a better world.

a friend once gave me some solid advice at the perfect time after too much volunteer work and interning – it is important to look after yourself first, give yourself what you need before you can keep giving and really commit to a good cause