Bristol to be the sustainable food city of the UK by 2020

Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson, along with a number of other inspirational speakers set the tone “that food really matters” for the second Eat Drink Bristol Fashion two week food fiesta in Queens Square, which opened with the Sustainable Food Summit.

It was an overwhelming day full of foodie activists and do-gooders in the organic, local, seasonal, sustainable Bristol food network. Delicious good food recipes (ticking all the boxes above) were demo’d and provided by Pony & Trap who in River Cottage style appear to be making everything they churn out of their restaurant from scratch.

The Bristol Food Policy Council stated some staggering facts, which highlighted even more, the absurdity of our current food system:

  • 90% of UK fruit is imported
  • Wholesale markets are in decline, Bristol is the last outpost portal for trade in the whole of the South West, if this goes small growers nearest centralised trade point will be London!
  • 82% of seeds are now patented (prohibiting the right to save seed) by 10 agri-giants

And a break out, brain storm session to come up with solutions resulted in the call for shrinking the supply chain and making local, seasonable the affordable, convenient option.

One network called Foodtrade, which is still in its infancy, is proposing a Link’d In professional networking space where the local option is made the convenient one, simply through a mapping and easy to share information tool between SME’s, whether they be small-scale local growers or independent restaurants or catering businesses.

All-in-all lots of food for thought… Sign the Bristol Good Food charter to pledge support for creating a good food system in Bristol and for more information on what this might look like and how we can achieve this read the Who feeds Bristol? report  by the Bristol Food Policy Council.

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